Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sharing your Map on the Web

You will  need a ESRI Global Account to enable you to login to ArcGIS Online. If you do not already have an ESRI Global Account, go to: and create one.

In the first part of this exercise using ArcGIS Desktop, you will be working with the following spatial datasets:
  1. A polygon shapefile of the your study area, called Watershed
  2. A line shapefile of river network, called River
These shapefiles consist of several files (e.g. river.dbf, river.shp, river.shx).
You need to establish a working folder to do the exercise on. This can be in c:\temp, your student directory, or on a memory stick attached to the machine you are working on.
To open your shapefiles within ARCGIS online, you need to first zip your files and upload it through ARCGIS online service
Go to add>add layer from file>Browse>WATERSHED.

Now let’s suppose you want to Share this map with colleagues online.

I am a member of a number of Groups in ArcGIS Online, and I could choose just to share my map with one or more of those, but instead, let’s share the map to Everyone (public), and that way anyone can see it. I get back a web link for this

And if I put this address into a web browser, my map appears again! Ok, this is pretty cool. I’ve created a map on the web and shared it with others.


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